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Jake + Elyse | Engagement Photos


I met Jake and Elyse at Starbucks to discuss working with me as their wedding photographer, and I immediately knew they'd be a joy to photograph. They are both sweet and laid back, and head over heels for each other. Besides being so kind and adorable, Elyse also shares my love for Starbucks. Jake even proposed using a Starbucks cup, so how could I not look forward to working with these two?!

Jake and Elyse came out to our rural property for their session towards the end of May. This little opening in our woods is carpeted in these beautiful purple flowers every Spring. We considered postponing their session due to possible rain, but I'm so glad we didn't because the weather ended up being perfect and we caught these sweet little blooms right before they stopped flowering.

I can't wait to photograph their lakeside wedding in September!


I am blessed to be surrounded by farmland and amazing neighbors who always graciously allow me to shoot in their fields.

Seriously! These to simply radiate joy. It is so refreshing to work with such joyful people!

Elyse wanted some photos taken in a wildflower field. While it was still a little early in the season to find wildflower fields, we were so excited to find the field by my home scattered in delicate white flowers and a couple adorable patches of wild daisies.

Jake and Elyse dated for quite some time in different states. While Elyse lived in Texas, Jake had this necklace made with her name on one side, state charms and the miles that separated them on the other.


If you are still in need of an engagement or wedding photographer for 2017-2018, I'd love to chat about working with you!

Be joyful,

x o

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