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Sister Sister


My girls are sandwiched between brothers. At 22 months apart in age, they share a room, already share some clothes, and have their fair share of days filled with name calling and hair pulling. All of that aside, they're also best friends. They remind me of me and my own sister.


Addie, my brown-eyed girl, likes to be the center of attention, but also likes her space. She is soft spoken in public, and a chatterbox diva at home. She's organized and wants to be a teacher someday. She wears her emotions on her sleeves.


Leah, the younger of the pair, is stubborn and fearless. She is wild little spitfire, but she is also kind and tenderhearted. Her love for animals and adventure remind me of my younger years spending countless hours in the woods.


Sister friendships are the most true, honest, and forgiving kinds of friendships, and I'm so glad these girls have each other.



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